Best customer training software to watch in 2023

9 Best Customer Education & Training LMS Software (2023)

In today’s competitive business landscape, customer training has emerged as a vital strategy for organizations to enhance customer satisfaction, drive adoption, and foster long-term loyalty. To effectively deliver customer training programs, organizations rely on Learning Management System (LMS) software tailored specifically for this purpose. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best customer training LMS software available in the market, empowering businesses to educate and empower their customers for success.

List of Top Customer Training LMS Software: Empowering Businesses to Deliver Exceptional Training Experiences

  1. Paradiso LMS
  2. Talent LMS
  3. Docebo
  4. iSpring Learn
  5. LearnUpon
  6. Absorb LMS
  7. Bridge LMS
  8. Moodle
  9. Adobe Captivate Prime​

Paradiso LMS

Some of the most prominent organizations use the Paradiso Learning Management System (LMS) in the world to manage their internal training needs. Also, the company provides a wide range of services, such as managed learning services, 80k ready-made courses, and course authoring services. Due to its affordability compared to other choices, it is a fantastic fit for companies with limited resources. Overall, the cloud-based Paradiso learning management system makes it easy to conduct courses online. It includes features, just like other LMS systems, but it’s also quite flexible and adjustable, enabling you to set up a course exactly the way you want it.


Talent LMS

TalentLMS is a highly customizable and user-friendly LMS that empowers businesses to create and deliver personalized customer training programs. With its intuitive drag-and-drop course builder, businesses can easily create engaging courses with multimedia content, assessments, and certifications.

TalentLMS offers a variety of interactive features, such as discussion boards and gamification elements, to enhance learner engagement. The platform also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to track learner progress and identify areas for improvement. TalentLMS supports integration with popular third-party tools and offers a mobile app for convenient access to training materials.



Docebo is a cloud-based LMS designed to deliver impactful customer training experiences. It offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive course creation tools, allowing businesses to create engaging content using multimedia formats. Docebo provides gamification features and social learning capabilities to enhance learner engagement and collaboration. The platform offers comprehensive reporting and analytics, empowering businesses to measure training effectiveness and make data-driven decisions. Docebo also integrates with popular CRM systems and offers mobile accessibility for learners.


iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a comprehensive LMS designed for delivering effective customer training. It offers easy course creation tools, allowing businesses to create interactive courses with multimedia elements and quizzes. iSpring Learn provides collaborative features such as discussion boards and user-generated content, fostering engagement and knowledge sharing among learners. The platform offers detailed reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to track learner progress and identify areas for improvement. iSpring Learn also supports integration with popular authoring tools and video conferencing platforms.
LearnUpon LMS Software


LearnUpon is a powerful customer training LMS that offers a comprehensive set of features to create, manage, and deliver effective training programs. Its intuitive interface enables businesses to create engaging courses using various multimedia formats, including videos, documents, and quizzes. LearnUpon’s robust reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into learner progress and engagement. With its multi-portal functionality, businesses can easily create separate training environments for different customer segments. LearnUpon also integrates seamlessly with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems, providing a streamlined user experience.
absorb LMS - customer training

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a robust and scalable customer training platform trusted by organizations of all sizes. With its powerful course creation tools, businesses can design interactive and visually appealing training materials. Absorb LMS offers a flexible user interface that can be tailored to match brand identity, providing a seamless and immersive learning experience. The platform supports a wide range of content formats, including SCORM, video, and HTML5, enabling businesses to deliver engaging training materials. Absorb LMS also offers advanced reporting and analytics features, allowing businesses to track learner progress and measure the effectiveness of their training programs.
Bridge LMS Software

Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS is a modern and intuitive customer training platform that focuses on learner engagement and performance improvement. The platform offers an easy-to-use course authoring tool, enabling businesses to create interactive courses with multimedia elements and assessments. Bridge LMS provides a social learning environment, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing among learners. Its comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities help businesses gain valuable insights into learner performance and training effectiveness. Bridge LMS also integrates with various third-party applications, such as Salesforce and Slack, to streamline training workflows.

Moodle LMS


Moodle is a widely-used open-source LMS that provides a flexible and customizable platform for customer training. It offers a range of features including course creation, content management, assessments, and collaboration tools. Moodle supports various learning formats, such as videos, SCORM, and quizzes. With its extensive plugin ecosystem, businesses can extend Moodle’s functionality to meet specific training requirements. Moodle also provides detailed reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to track learner progress and engagement.
adobe Captivate LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime is a comprehensive customer training LMS software designed to deliver engaging and immersive learning experiences. Its features include responsive course design, content creation tools, social learning, analytics and reporting, and integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud applications. With its powerful features and seamless integration capabilities, Adobe Captivate Prime empowers organizations to create interactive and impactful customer training programs.

Final thoughts

While choosing the best customer training software, it’s essential to consider your business’s specific needs and the training programs’ goals.

Some key factors to consider when evaluating customer training software include the features and capabilities of the platform, the ease of use for both instructors and learners, the price and any additional costs, and the level of support and resources provided by the vendor.

It can also be helpful to read reviews and testimonials from other users to understand the pros and cons of different customer training software options. And don’t forget to consider the platform’s scalability as your business grows; you’ll want to ensure the customer training software you choose can accommodate an increasing number of learners and courses.

Try Paradiso LMS with a 30-day free trial, and enjoy creating your brand while training your customers.

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