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Paradiso CE LMS is designed to accommodate the unique needs of accredited content and learners who must maintain licenses and/or certification
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Not all LMSs can handle the requirements of continuing education programs. Paradiso LMS exhibits, both, the flexibility and technical ability to cope up with the complexities of imparting continuing education online learning management system. Besides, Paradiso LMS is a fully customizable, easy-to-use yet robust and cost-effective learning management system for both, students and administrators.

Benefits of LMS for Continuing Education

End-to-end CE Functions

With Paradiso LMS, all the phases of your continuing education programs, right from registration through completion would run smoothly.

Self-Managed CE Programs

Give your student users the ability to create and manage their own accounts, complete programs, and to get their certificates printed.

Improved CE Efficiency

Paradiso LMS eliminates the need of manual repetitive staff chores, while helping you set up online continuing education programs in minutes.

Save Time and Money

Paradiso LMS has the ability to handle complex continuing education requirements out-of-the-box. This saves you technical headaches and hence, time and money.

Features of LMS for Continuing Education

Integration with 100+ software systems

Paradiso’s continuing education platform comes with the ability to talk seamlessly with all the multiple systems you need everyday to manage your continuing education program. And all this talking happens seamlessly over single sign on (SSO), where your users get the ability to sign into the software of their choice with a single set of credentials.

Credit Level Flexibility

With Paradiso’s continuing education software (LMS), you get the option to give out course credits depending on your learner’s profile, geographic location or any other user profile fields you want to define. Besides, you can give your learners to choose from the various types of credits (CEU, CLE, CPE, CME, etc.). The most important credit support feature Paradiso LMS flaunts is the ability to assign one or multiple credit types and values to learning activities.

Assessments and Evaluation

You get an assessment tool inside Paradiso LMS that helps in building, deploying and reporting course assessments and evaluation which is made mandatory by the accreditation bodies. Besides, Paradiso LMS offers strict version control of the assessments taken by the learners.

Automated Generation of Certificates

Paradiso LMS allows the automation of course completion certificate generation. Not just this, it also provides the functionality where the learner can change the certificate information based on varied criterias, when reporting to multiple governing bodies. The best part about Paradiso LMS is that it sends reminders to the learners based on when the certification needs renewal

Requirement Setting Flexibility

Paradiso LMS for continuing education gives you the ability to support content types and categories to align with the respective accreditation body requirements. Not just the content, Paradiso LMS allows to set the mandatory pre and post, interval, retention exams required to clear a given certification by the governing certifying body.

Self-Serviced eLearning

Give your learners self-service access to all the credits earned and course completion certificates. The best part? All the certifications display the credit and course information appropriately as per the rules of the accreditation body’s rules. Also, your learners can upload externally earned credits, proof and manage all his/her CE centrally inside Paradiso’s continuing education software systems.

Integrated eCommerce

When continuing education, give your learners the ease of browsing eLearning courses, registering for classes, the ability to access content easily, and to purchase the CE courses via an easy to use shopping cart, streamlined checkout process, and comprehensive payment options. As soon as the learners purchases a course, he/she gets an immediate confirmation of a completed successful transaction and direct links to their personal accounts for easy, immediate access to purchased courses. Now that’s seamless eCommerce experience!

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