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How to Improve the ROI of Association’s LMS 

Did you purchase a learning management system (LMS) for your association’s educational products? Are you making the most of your investment and maximizing your return on investment (ROI)? A well-utilized association LMS can generate additional revenue, cultivate lifelong members, foster communities of practice, and expand your association’s reach. However, achieving these benefits is a long-term endeavor that requires dedication and effort. While online training can help an association transition to a subscription-based membership model or sell essential certificates to B2B clients, it necessitates patience and a sustained commitment.

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What is an Association LMS?

An association learning management system (LMS) is a software solution designed to serve as a platform for organizing and administering an association’s educational program. Learning management systems are widely used across various organizations; businesses use them to facilitate ongoing training and education for their employees, while educational institutions use them to manage online learning. For associations, LMS platforms are utilized to create a comprehensive continuing education plan for members, enabling them to obtain valuable certifications to enhance their professional growth and access new prospects.

What exactly does a great Association LMS do?

Association LMSs provide many innovative functionalities, including a central repository for online learning materials and allowing learners to take assessments virtually. Moreover, these LMSs are equipped with several features tailored to meet the needs of membership organizations. Below, we outline the essential features to look for when selecting an association LMS and elaborate on how to utilize them.

Conduct Assessments and Exams

Utilizing testing tools for conducting online tests and evaluating the progress of members’ learning is crucial as it empowers them to validate their knowledge. Furthermore, this approach allows you to assess your members’ performance and identify areas where they might require additional support or different learning resources to achieve their educational goals. Additionally, it enables you to gain valuable insights into the efficacy of your courses and whether they align with your expectations.

Issue certificates

After completing all mandatory quizzes and exams, your LMS can issue certificates or documents to members certifying their course completion. These certificates should be easily accessible in a downloadable and printable format to enable members to retain them for future reference. This post-course takeaway is valuable as it can be presented during job interviews, in resumes, or shared on LinkedIn accounts.

eCommerce Features and Customize Payment Options

If you have an online learning platform, you must ensure your members can quickly pay for the courses they want. That’s why your LMS should have a payment system that is simple to use. It means your members can pay for their courses online without hassle. To improve it, you can customize payment options and packages to give your members more flexibility.

Four ways to Improve the ROI of Association LMS

Generate Additional Income Sources

If you host webinars or podcasts, you can repurpose your content into online courses using a learning content management system. It allows you to create engaging and interactive courses for your members. Alternatively, you can use a microlearning platform like Paradiso to keep learners up-to-date with daily questions based on your custom content. Members can pay a small subscription fee in exchange for access to this content.

Develop Potential Members

Associations can lose money when members leave after attending one conference or passing a credentialing exam. To keep these fair weather members engaged, an LMS can be the solution. Continuous upskilling is essential for professionals. Associations can leverage their expertise to create and sell new educational products to these members, leading to more revenue and a better return on investment. However, designing educational products for practicing professionals requires a different approach than high-stakes testing. Your LMS should offer bite-sized learning modules that fit into their busy schedules, and ideally, it should be mobile-friendly for studying on the go. With Paradiso eLearning authoring tool, you can easily create microlearning courses to get hassle-free eLearning content. Also, you can sell these courses to generate revenues.

Establish Collaborative Learning Associations

Belonging to an association can make people feel part of a community. Online learning can sometimes feel isolating, but a suitable LMS can create a community of practice to keep learners engaged. Experts can moderate this community and run it through discussion boards on the LMS. Using data analytics, you can see how active discussion members buy more courses or how inviting younger members to be expert moderators improves retention. The data can help you build a community of practice that your members desire, a place where they can get easy access and find engaging content for their industry.

Expand Your Association’s Reach

An Advanced LMS platform can help associations grow their reach and become a leader in providing industry news and training globally. By investing in online training, associations can increase the value of their membership and attract more lifelong members who will continue to generate revenue. Additionally, these lifelong members can help promote the association’s brand to others, increasing its influence and credibility within the industry. By using the right online tools, associations can scale their offerings and reach new audiences, ultimately leading to a stronger and more successful organization.

Paradiso LMS Offers Specialized Solutions to Associations.

At Paradiso, we are serious about the business of associations. We understand their need for great content which they can deliver to the world. Whether gamified mobile content, simulations, interactive videos, or anything else, Paradiso can be a trusted partner for content creation. Besides good content, associations need a complete SaaS, mobile responsive application through which the content can be used anytime, anywhere. Remember the full-fledged functionalities of single sign-on, course catalog, e-commerce, and reporting established workflows while being extremely easy to use.

Association LMS is the perfect choice for you! Our comprehensive platform helps educators and students stay connected, manage their coursework, and collaborate with peers in real-time. With our robust suite of tools, you can provide Continuing Education that is both effective and efficient.

Final Thoughts:

Association LMS is a versatile tool that can help associations in many ways. It can automate the learning process, provide valuable educational credentials, and offer a comprehensive learning experience for members. With Paradiso AI-powered LMS, associations can streamline their learning programs and make them more accessible to members. The AI-powered LMS is designed to meet the unique needs of associations, providing a platform for lifelong learning and professional development.

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