How to Create & Sell Online Courses : A Step-By-Step Guide

Have you ever considered creating an online course? Several entrepreneurs are currently taking the privilege of this golden chance as an additional source of income. It is because online courses are less expensive to create, take less time, and don’t involve shipping costs. Plus, once completed, they can be sold multiple times.  

The demand for online courses is overgrowing in the knowledge economy, where information is highly valued. The latest study shows that the universal e-learning market is estimated to reach $320 billion by 2025, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.2%.

This increasing demand for online content and digitalization has led businesses from various industries to adopt multiple training solutions, further fueling the e-learning market.

Investing in education and lifelong learning is becoming an emerging trend among both old and young demographics, further driving the demand for online courses. Creating an online course can provide additional revenue for entrepreneurs and contribute to meeting the growing demand for education and learning opportunities.

The Structure of A Successful Online Course

The title of a course is crucial and serves as the headline for the content. It is the most significant component as it can significantly impact the success of the course. While a good title can increase course sales, an awesome one can take it to the next level. 

Your course title reflects your brand, work, or training and can establish you as a leading trainer in your field. Having a popular course or training title can provide various benefits, including:

  • Brand recognition
  • Differentiation
  • Clear learning objectives and expectations

Creating a compelling course title is relatively easy; you can start working on it within minutes. If you need help, you can use a formula to generate an effective title.

First, you can use popular search queries by conducting a Google search to identify relevant keywords and phrases. Then, you should specify your audience by considering their characteristics and expectations.

Create an Online Course

We can significantly assist you in developing an exceptional online course and effectively engaging your students.

Why Create Online Courses?

Before you create and sell online courses you should know why you are doing it.

One reason is to earn money; some people even make a living by selling courses online. However, there are other benefits to create and sell online courses besides making money.

Relying on what you want to gain from your business, there may be various techniques to make your virtual training course content.

Choose An Online Course Topic

To create good content, it’s essential to understand your audience and stick to the topic. Only include necessary information or stuff that matters. Your content should be helpful and focused on achieving a specific result for those who will read or watch it.

You can also ask your followers on social media what they want to learn about using features like Facebook and Instagram polls. If you already create blog posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts, your online course should be related to the same topic.

If you cover different topics, start with the most popular one and create additional courses later. If you have yet to get any content, don’t worry! You might have skills others want to learn, so consider what people have requested for your help.

Validate Your Online Course

Many ambitious business people have developed brilliant concepts for virtual training course content. Still, they hesitate to craft it because they are still determining whether it will generate revenue. They fear failure, a valid concern because many online courses fail to generate revenue.

This approach has three significant benefits:

  • It helps you determine if there is a demand for your course. By pre-selling your course, you can see how many people are interested in your idea and gauge the level of demand.
  • If you pre-sell your course and people buy it, you have proof that it can generate revenue. It will give you the confidence to create and promote your course.
  • Pre-selling your course also helps you build a list of potential customers likely to purchase from you when you officially launch your course. It gives you a head start and can make your launch more successful.

Lastly, validating your online course idea by pre-selling it is a smart move. It can help you determine demand, generate revenue, and build a list of potential customers. Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your course creation goals.

Get Your Course Online

Our detailed analyses and comparisons will assist you in selecting the optimal platform and swiftly launching your online course, regardless of your technical abilities. 

Host Your Online Course

Here are three ways to sell online courses:

Option 1: Self-Hosting

It means you host your course videos on your own. It would help if you rent a server, set up a website, and have a payment processing system.

Option 2: Online Course Marketplaces

If you use an online course creation platform, you can control and customize the pricing of your course. You can create discount codes for special offers, like those attending your webinars.

Option 3: Learning Management Systems

This possibility provides complete freedom over everything, and setting up is effortless. Paradiso CourseCart is an example of a eCommerce learning management system. You must open a profile, upload your training course content, and set your budget.

With the drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your site’s branding and design and create powerful sales pages for your courses. Payment methods are already in-built, so there is no need to feel anxious about that.

Price Your Online Course

Determining the price of an online course is an important step that requires careful consideration. Your price should cover costs, generate income, and attract and retain students. If you set the price too high, potential students may not see the value in your course and choose a cheaper alternative.

On the other side, if you keep the course materials fee too low, you may not generate revenue as much as you could, and possible learners may not take your course seriously. Moreover, the price of your course affects various aspects of your online course business.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to pricing online courses. However, some general guidelines can help you find the right price point. For example, you can research the prices of similar courses in your niche and determine the value and unique aspects of your course compared to them.

Market Your Course

These comprehensive guides will be beneficial if you require assistance creating a devoted following and successfully promoting your online course. 

Help Your Students Succeed

As an online course creator, your responsibility doesn’t conclude with making a sale. You are ensuring that your students genuinely comprehend the material and thrive crucially.

Furthermore, satisfied and accomplished students are more inclined to recommend your course, take future ones, provide constructive feedback, and write positive reviews and testimonials.

Additionally, they are less likely to demand refunds for paid courses. In essence, your success is equal to your students’ success. Therefore, let’s begin by defining success and discussing how to enhance it.

Measuring Student Success

Defining a precise objective or outcome that results from enrolling in your online course and implementing the teachings is crucial to evaluate success.

The steps for measuring success are relatively simple: At the beginning or before the course:

  • Ask students for their primary goal or objective for taking the course.
  • Inquire about their progress towards this goal on a 1-100% scale.

After completing the course: • Reiterate the initial goal provided by the student and inquire about their progress towards it on a scale of 1-100%.

Paradiso CourseCart provides a feature to accomplish this. You can enable student goal tracking for any course, which allows you to record their learning objectives at the course’s outset and their progress toward achieving those objectives at the course’s conclusion.

Why Having an Online Course is Profitable?

Creating and selling online courses has become a thriving industry globally. Based on Global Market analyses, the eLearning market is expected to beat $320 billion by 2025, with a yearly growth rate of 4%.

As an online trainer, you can income anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a six-figure salary. However, approximately 90% of your effort should be focused on marketing and selling your course to make it profitable.

That’s why we have written this extensive guide on how to create and sell online courses. It contains all the knowledge you need to profit from selling your course. Several factors contribute to the profitability of your course, including

  • Your brand recognition
  • Level of expertise
  • The content of your training materials (such as blog posts, books, videos, and podcasts)
  • Size of your audience/email list
  • Audience income
  • Market size and competition
  • Marketing and sales skills

A strong online presence, engaged social network, or email list can give you an advantage and help you launch your course successfully. Creating a potential customer base takes time, and you need to spend on your brand acknowledgment to increase your reach and maximize your revenue.

As the trend of investing in education and lifelong learning continues to grow, online courses are filling the gaps in knowledge. People prefer the convenience and flexibility of learning from the comfort of their own homes rather than attending physical classes.

So, gradually, as you establish your online tutoring business, you will gain more experience and improve your brand’s recognition, resulting in greater profits from sales.

Unmatched features built to Create & Sell Online Courses

Are you looking to monetize your knowledge and expertise? Paradiso CourseCart offers various tools and features to sell and confidently earn revenue from your online course business. Here’s what you get with Paradiso CourseCart:

Generate revenue with our monetization tools

Our powerful suite of monetization tools allows you to generate revenue from every product you produce. You can offer upsells, bundles, and order bumps to your customers.

In addition, Paradiso CourseCart provides automated tax filings, fraud monitoring, chargeback support, and eCommerce optimization tools to ensure you can create and sell online courses confidently.

Award-winning support for your success

As a paid subscriber, you can avail various advantages of our support teams planned to help you progress. It includes weekly group coaching sessions, business training courses, and access to a creator community membership.

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