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LMS Free Trial: How to Make it Work For Your Business  

It is always advisable to take a trial before buying something, mainly when making an informed decision. It is especially true when choosing a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is software you’ll use a lot, so you need to test it properly before you decide to use it. Most good LMS vendors offer a free trial so that you can try the software before you commit to buying it. 

However, some sellers only permit you to try it out for a specific time, like a few days. So if you only have a short time to try it, you must use it wisely. In this blog, we’ll discuss what you should check before taking an LMS free trial to make an informed decision.

Paradiso LMS provides a 30-days free trial, also you can request a free live demo  

What is the reason for providing free trials?

If you have faith in your product, why not allow it to demonstrate its worth? Restricted trials are among the most powerful marketing strategies that you have available.

1.Take LMS Free Trial and Gain Hands-on Experience

Free trials provide a risk-free, practical experience. By trying out your course material, students can also become a part of your community, giving them an additional incentive to enroll after the trial. In this case, the students will be testing your product, and you can be confident that you will receive a favorable evaluation.

2.Ensure Guaranteed Lead Generation

In most cases, users need to register to begin their free trial. These newly registered users are essential leads, and you can start collecting information about their preferences and needs, such as whether they prefer using a mobile or desktop device. Even if they decide not to become a paying customer after their trial ends, you can still utilize their contact details to offer exclusive deals.

3.Maximizing Free Trials for Improvements and Insights

Take advantage of your free trials to make enhancements. For example, analyze when most of your free trial registrants converted into paying customers and when they stopped using the trial. You can also conduct a post-trial survey, asking customers for feedback on what they liked about the LMS free trial and what they would have changed. For those who did not convert, you can offer a discount if they complete the survey or extend their LMS free trial for more feedback.

How to Check an LMS Functionality During it’s Free Trial Period

It is essential to check Learning Management System functionalities during its free trial phase to ensure it meets your objectives. If you identify which features and functions to search for and how to check them will help you make the most out of the trial period.

1.Establish Appropriate Evaluation Criteria

A significant mistake during the evaluation process is not creating a detailed checklist that includes all the essential features required for your team. Additionally, you should compare the new LMS with your current one and list all the differences to determine whether making a switch is worthwhile or not. Finally, the evaluation criteria should prioritize the critical factors or operations relevant to your organization and provide everyday benefits instead of focusing on luxurious items.

2.Integration of eCommerce functions with LMS

One of the significant advantages of having an LMS is its ability to integrate eCommerce functions. This feature can be an inbuilt aspect or can be acquired as an add-on. It’s crucial to test these features to ensure compatibility. In addition, the marketing and sales teams should collaborate to determine a pricing model, such as offering training courses in bulk for clients or through a subscription-based structure.

3.The testing team must be Versatile.

When forming a group to evaluate an LMS, expanding it beyond just your admin, sales, or marketing team is essential. Instead, it’s best to invite individuals from each department and include a few significant people, such as an important client, who can provide valuable feedback regarding the E-learning experience. Then, once the testing phase has concluded, take everyone’s reviews and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the LMS. This information can be beneficial when meeting with the LMS vendor to communicate your expectations and determine how well the LMS can meet them.

4.Analyze LMS Functionality Through Testing

During the LMS free trial, it is essential to have your team create a sample training course online to thoroughly test all the functionalities of the LMS. Assigning everyone a scenario to create a sample course and test it themselves is a great way to test the LMS features and receive feedback. For instance, Paradiso LMS provides a 30-days free trial, and you can also request a free live demo to test its functionalities before proceeding with your evaluation.2:

5.Stay in touch with the LMS vendors.

Depending on lms free trial won’t help you to make an informed decision, as there may be unresolved questions when the trial period ends. Therefore, scheduling a follow-up meeting with the LMS provider is essential to address any concerns and gain clarity on the fee structure and services provided. In addition, analyzing various LMS features and functions helps you get valuable insights to help in your decision-making process. By considering these factors, you can decide whether or not it’s worth spending on their services.

Take Paradiso LMS free trial to create engaging and error-free online courses.

Now you have a brief idea about how to check LMS functionalities during it’s free trial, and if you need help creating engaging and error-free online courses, visit Paradiso LMS. We offer various design and third-party sales and marketing tools. When you complete your LMS free trial with us, your Learning Portal remains intact and can be reactivated later. 

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