LMS vs LCMS Comparison

LMS vs LCMS: Comparison and Benefits for eLearning

If you are in the learning and development industry, you might know the importance of training provider tools. A simple-to-use digital learning tool is a boon in today’s technologically driven world. Authoring tools and publishing to be smoother. Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) significantly make the task quick and more straightforward. Let’s understand this buy making a comparison between LMS vs LCMS.

what you need to know about the Learning Management System (LMS)?

Online learning appears to be a seamless process; a lot of credit goes to the Learning Management System. LMS is a web-based technology or an application that makes the steps involved in eLearning process easy. You can create, publish, edit and track the learner’s progress through this effective new-age learning tool. A Learning Management System provides a platform where the user can create engaging, learner-centric courses for training and upskilling purpose. Also, the features in the LMS allows them to track and give analytical report of the learner to mark the learning progress. 

The LMS uses interactive features like gamification, quizzes, digital badges that encourage the learner to participate in social and collaborative learning.

What you need to know about the Learning Content Management System (LCMS)?

Learning Content Management System (LCMS) has a limited functionality compared to multimedia authoring tools. LCMS used in LMS can be used to collect, structure and organize the content from various sources. These collected contents are converted into an extensive content library that can be used in LMS. Some content types used in the eLearning content are: 

  • Documents: PDF, Microsoft Word, eBooks
  • Video: Uploaded Files, YouTube, Vimeo
  • Webinars: Live and recorded
  • PowerPoint Presentations

LMS vs LCMS: key differences between the two technologies?

Learning Management System is a versatile tile that is meant not just for delivering content to the learners. It focuses on providing engaging content through the use of media and tracks the learners progress as well. It also manages content delivery through online, virtual and instructor led courses.
Learning Content Management System is similar to LMS but differs in the core functionality. The aim of LCMS is to generate learning content. It gives the author, subject matter experts and instructional designers the means to create eLearning content.

LMS vs LCMS: key differences between the two technologies?

1.24&7 access to the learners as it is accessible through mobile, laptops, desktops and smart phones.
1.Learners can learn rapidly through the customizable templates.
2. Automatic course assigning and scheduling along with progress tracking of the learner.
2.Real time collaboration on the content
3. Assessment of learning via quiz and tests.
3.Multi language and interactive formats of learning
4. Compliance with the eLearning standard such as SCORM and xAPI.
4.Content translation and localization support
5. Can be easily integrated with CRM, HR systems, ERP, Learning content creation tools and more.
5.Single source content publishing

How to Choose the Right Platform: LMS or LCMS?

In the technologically driven world where every organization has different preferences and requirements there is no one such platform that you should choose. LMS is the best fit if you want your content to be managed properly whereas LCMS can be a good choice in learning content creation. Choosing the tool totally depends upon the organization’s needs. But one thing that you should be clear about is that both the tools are non-interchangeable and can work complimenting each other. You cannot replace one tool with another as both of them have different functionalities and differ in features. Learning content management system vs learning management system is a conscious choice you need to make by understanding your demands and expectations from the system. 

Final Thoughts

LMS and authoring tool are the two major weapons in the eLearning industry. To enhance the process of learning you must require an amazing content creation tool and to manage all the learning process an LMS is a must. If you are considering to buy a content authoring tool then you can checkout Paradiso Composer which has an ever-expanding content library with robust features. To integrate and accelerate the learning effectively you can combine it with Paradiso LMS.


  • What is the user based of Learning Management System?

    LMS platform can be used by any organization to pace up with the competing market trend. It is equally useful for small and big organizations to fulfill the upskilling requirements. Additionally, it useful in providing on-demand trainings online, provide online learnings sessions to freshers and other employees.

  • What are the benefits of using LCMS?

    Learning Content Management System for Content Management System focuses more on content creation part. Unlike LMS it will not add interactive elements to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience. But it will build a content library through various resources.

  • What is the format of training materials used in LMS and LCMS?

    For effortless playback content in eLearning the courses should be SCORM compatible. You can download and upload documents of any format to convert it into SCORM format and use it for learning purpose.

  • How can you buy LMS and LCMS software for your organization?

    You should choose a name that is trusted to ensure to ensure data security. Paradiso LMS and Paradiso Composer are the trusted names for providing leading eLearning solutions in the market. You can book a trial and learn about the features and functioning of the system before buying them.

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