Boost Your Online Course Sales with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing strategies to sell online courses

Mobile marketing has become popular in recent years because, let’s face it, everyone is always on their phone. Like, more than half of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. And it’s only going to keep growing, you know? Experts predict that by 2025, mobile commerce will make up 72% of e-commerce sales. 

Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing that targets audiences through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It includes tactics such as SMS marketing, mobile app advertising, mobile web advertising, and mobile search engine marketing.

It has grown in popularity recently due to the increasing use of mobile devices. According to statistics, over half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, and mobile commerce is projected to account for 72% of e-commerce sales by 2025.

Online learning platforms such as Paradiso LMS,  Coursera and Udemy have become increasingly popular, as they offer diverse courses and programs that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, many traditional universities and colleges now offer online degree programs, further expanding the availability of online education.

The online education industry is also being driven by advancements in technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are used to create personalized learning experiences and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of online instruction.

Overall, the growing popularity of online education among the new generation is a testament to this learning mode’s flexibility, convenience, and effectiveness. With the vast majority of the world now having access to the internet, the trend is expected to continue in the future.

How to sell online courses using mobile marketing 

Mobile marketing can be a great way to sell courses online, as it allows you to reach potential students where they are most likely to be: on their mobile devices. Here are a few strategies you can use to promote your online courses through mobile marketing: 

  • SMS marketing: Send text messages to potential students to promote your courses and offer them exclusive discounts or promotions.
  • Mobile app: Create a mobile app that allows students to browse and sign up for your courses, access course materials, and communicate with other students and instructors.
  • Mobile web ads: Use mobile web ads to promote your courses on websites and social media platforms that are popular among your target audience.
  • Social Media: Utilize social media platforms to reach potential students, you can use platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn to promote your courses, post testimonials and host live sessions to give a glimpse of what your course looks like.
  • Google Ads: Use Google Ads to display your courses to people searching for related keywords on their mobile devices.
  • In-app notifications: Send push notifications to users who have downloaded your mobile app to remind them about new courses and upcoming deadlines.
  • Video marketing: Create short videos that showcase the benefits of your courses and post them on social media platforms, YouTube, and your website to promote your courses.

Overall, mobile marketing can be a powerful tool to increase visibility and drive enrollment for your online courses. Using various mobile marketing techniques, you can reach potential students where they are most likely to be and make it easy for them to sign up and start learning.

Benefits of mobile marketing to sell courses online 

There are several benefits of using mobile marketing for selling online courses, some of which include the following: 

  • Increased reach: By targeting audiences through their mobile devices, businesses can reach a larger audience and increase their visibility.
  • High open rates: SMS marketing has a 98% open rate, making it a highly effective way to reach potential students and promote courses.
  • Convenience: Mobile marketing allows potential students to discover and enroll in courses from anywhere, any time, making the process more convenient.
  • Personalization: Mobile marketing tactics such as SMS marketing and mobile apps allow businesses to collect data on their customers’ behaviour and preferences, which can be used to personalize marketing messages and offers.
  • Cost-effective: Mobile marketing can be more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods, such as television and print advertising.
  • Increased engagement: Social media and video marketing can be used to engage with potential students and provide them with a better understanding of the course and what they can expect to learn.
  • Increased conversions: By making it easy for potential students to discover and enroll in courses, mobile marketing can increase conversions and drive enrollment.
  • Better targeting: Google Ads and social media platforms allow businesses to target specific demographics, such as age and location, which can be useful for reaching the right audience.

Overall, mobile marketing can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to sell online courses. Companies can increase visibility, reach a larger audience, and drive course enrollment by utilising various mobile marketing techniques.

Steps to sell your online courses with Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS is a platform that allows businesses to create and sell online courses. Here are a few steps you can take to sell your courses on the Paradiso Course Cart platform: 

  1. Create an account: Sign up for a Paradiso Course Cart account and set up your business profile.
  2. Create your courses: Use the Paradiso Course Cart course builder to create your courses, including text, images, videos, and quizzes.
  3. Customize your course pages: Customize the look and feel of your course pages to match your brand and make them more attractive to potential students.
  4. Set your pricing: Decide on a pricing strategy for your courses, such as a one-time fee or a subscription model.
  5. Promote your courses: Use mobile marketing techniques such as SMS marketing, mobile apps, mobile web ads, social media, and Google Ads to promote your courses and drive enrollment.
  6. Analyze and optimize: Use the platform’s analytics to track your course’s performance and optimize your marketing strategy to increase enrollment.
  7. Provide support: Provide excellent customer support to your students and ensure you respond to their queries and concerns promptly.
  8. Continuously improve: Continuously improve your courses by adding new content, updating existing content, and incorporating feedback from your students.

Final Thoughts:

By following these steps, you can successfully sell your courses on the Paradiso LMS platform. This platform allows you to create, promote, and sell your courses easily and efficiently, providing all the necessary tools to reach your target audience and grow your business.

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