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What is Blended Learning? Strategies, Dynamic Models and Benefits 

Are you an educator looking to level up your teaching skill? We have just the solution for you! Blended learning combines the traditional classroom environment with the benefits of online resources. 

Our blog is your go-to guide for all things regarding blended learning. We break down the main concept, explore different models, and highlight its benefits. Whether you’re new to blended learning or want to dive deeper, we’ve got you covered.

Learn how to implement blended learning in your online academy and create an engaging learning experience for your students. It’s an opportunity to advance your teaching methods and open new possibilities for student success.

What Is Blended Learning?

It combines traditional classroom teaching with online activities to create a unique learning experience. It’s not about replacing face-to-face teaching with online content; it’s about using technology to enhance learning. Teachers use digital tools to bring more excitement and understanding to specific topics. For instance, they might share a video for students to watch at home, write a review, and then discuss it in class. 

It goes beyond simply adding online resources to live training—it’s a thoughtful integration that combines the strengths of both approaches. Get ready to explore the world of blended learning, where technology and in-person teaching work together to create a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Let's Explore Five Types of Blended Learning Models

Exploring blended learning can be tricky because it offers so many possibilities. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or confused, even if you have experience in education. That’s why we’re here to help! We’ll introduce you to the five main blended learning models, making it easier to understand and choose the right blended learning approach for your learning journey. Let’s discuss it:

Flipped Classroom Blended Learning Model

In a Flipped Model, the way we learn is flipped around. Instead of attending a class first and then doing online learning, this model prioritizes online learning. You’ll go through the learning materials at your own pace, either at home or before the class. Then, during the class, you’ll engage in active learning activities to practice what you’ve learned. It can include group discussions, solving case studies, or working on projects together. A different blended learning approach makes learning more interactive and hands-on.

Face-To-Face Driver Blended Learning Model

The Face-to-Face Driver Model is like how we learn in a regular classroom. Imagine sitting in a school with a teacher who helps you with your studies. That’s what this model is all about. You get to be in a classroom with an instructor who guides you through the training. It’s great because the teacher can give personal attention and support if you need help understanding something or to keep up with the lessons. They’ll keep you up and help you grasp the new concepts

Rotational Blended Learning Model

In the rotational model, you have a specific schedule to follow. Sometimes you learn online by yourself, and other times you interact with others in person. It’s like a mix of both. This way, you can practice what you’ve learned and ensure you understand everything adequately. It’s helpful because you can effortlessly see how you’re doing since you have a set schedule to follow. Plus, it’s nice to have a variety of ways to learn and meet different people during your training.

Flex Blended Learning Model

The flex model allows students to learn in a way that works best for them. It’s like having a learning experience that is made just for you! In this model, online learning is the primary way you get the information, but you also have teachers who can help you in small groups. The best part is that you can customize your learning path and decide when and how you want to learn. It’s great because it’s all about meeting your unique needs and making learning fit your schedule.

Enriched virtual Blended Learning Model

The enriched virtual blended learning model is much like the flex model focusing on online training. It’s a popular choice nowadays when many people work remotely. But unlike the flex model, learners have a scheduled classroom session with an instructor. This session can be either face-to-face or online. This model adds value to remote learning by allowing learners to interact with their instructors through online platforms. It’s great because you get the benefits of online training but still can connect with your instructor and ask questions in a structured blended classroom setting.

Top Seven Benefits of Blended Learning for Employees and Trainers

It is a helpful approach that supports Users in reaching their training goals. It has many benefits for both employees and trainers when done right. It helps trainers train better, and users learn better.

A. Optimize Training to Engage Employees for Effective Learning

Studies prove that combining different learning methods can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of training experiences. Trainers and users can interact via email, discussion boards, or chat rooms to create a more engaging learning environment. This collaborative approach fosters user engagement and promotes effective learning.

B. Personalized Training Experience That Caters to Individual Needs

It allows trainers to gain valuable insights into user’s progress and identify areas where they may struggle, thanks to online learning tools. It enables the creation of personalized learning experiences and adoption of methods that cater to individual needs and interests.

C. Organizations Reduce Cost Thorough Blended Learning

It offers cost-saving benefits to various organizations. Expenses such as travel, venue rentals for events, and printing learning materials are significantly reduced. Adopting digital learning methods saves organizations substantial money while delivering compelling training experiences.

D. Increase Knowledge Retention That Improves Teams' Performance

By adopting a blended learning approach, you can effectively cater to different learning styles among your employees, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Activating multiple senses during training helps enhance information retention compared to traditional methods. It ensures that all employees are reached and benefit from the training provided.

E. Improve Accessibility to Training Resources Through Blended Learning

Employees now have better access to training resources through blended learning. In our fast-paced world, users want instant knowledge. That’s where mobile learning comes in, offering greater accessibility. Users can take courses anytime, anywhere. They can access materials online, whether it’s a full or partial training session. This improved access leads to more learning opportunities and better understanding of the subject matter.

F. Enhance Feedback Opportunities for Improved Training Outcomes

Blended learning enhances feedback exchanges between learners and instructors. It promotes interactive training, enabling users to engage with the material in diverse ways. In a hybrid work environment, anonymity and indirect communication with instructors facilitate conveying difficult messages. This heightened engagement and feedback foster mutual understanding, boosting job performance. It also strengthens relationships and opens doors to future opportunities.

How to Implement Blended Learning to Provide Effective Hybrid Education

It relies on technology, which can challenge teachers and students unfamiliar with it. Educational institutions must choose user-friendly, reliable, and up-to-date digital tools. The selection of appropriate technology plays a vital role in the success of an education program. Using outdated learning software or tools incompatible with e-learning standards like SCORM can hinder desired outcomes. 

Implementing blended learning requires educational technology, particularly a Learning Management System (LMS) or a learning platform that offers dynamic solutions. An LMS becomes essential when opting for a blended training approach for learners, employees, or customers. Numerous blended learning platforms assist in providing online learning and developing materials for a blended curriculum beyond traditional classrooms.

Our platform, Paradiso LMS, is equipped with powerful features and tools specifically designed to facilitate the effective delivery of blended learning.

Engage Learners with Interactive Video for Better Experiences

Enhancing student engagement and retention is crucial in online learning, and interactivity plays a key role. Paradiso LMS offers a unique feature called interactive video, which enables the creation of immersive learning experiences. Interactive video allows you to embed questions within the video, prompting learners to interact and provide answers. Additionally, it includes interactive subtitles and transcripts, facilitating teaching for students at any level. 

Some impressive capabilities of interactive video transcripts include auto-creating video transcripts, presenting narrated text to learners, real-time highlighting of spoken words, and enabling learners to navigate the video by clicking on the transcript text. These features enrich the learning experience and promote active participation.

Create Interactive Learning Journeys with a Custom Course Builder

Utilize the course builder in Paradiso LMS to deliver your online courses and simplify the learning journey for your students. The course player enables you to create personalized learning paths for individuals or groups. As an instructor, you can decide if learners can navigate freely, follow a specific sequence, or have custom restrictions. With drip feeding, you can control the release of content and learning materials to students at intervals. Moreover, learners can take notes or highlight important terms and ideas while reading the text, promoting active engagement and comprehension. This comprehensive tool empowers teachers and students to enhance the online learning experience.

Promote Active Learning with Engaging Knowledge Testing Activities

When assessing your students’ learning, you have many options available. You can create tests and quizzes to evaluate their knowledge and progress. These assessments can vary from informal quizzes for self-improvement to more formal tests, questionnaires, and assignments focusing on critical thinking and skill development. The possibilities are limitless. Additionally, once students complete an educational program or online course, you can provide them with a certificate to recognize their participation and success. This certificate serves as tangible evidence of their accomplishment.

Establish a Dynamic Online Learning Network for Learners Community

Paradiso LMS offers a platform that fosters an inclusive learning environment, encouraging learners to engage and learn from one another. The community page, accessible through your school’s dashboard, enables students to interact and connect. Within this community, learners can create profiles; engage in discussions by commenting, liking, or following their peers. They can also initiate individual or group conversations through course discussion groups, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. This feature facilitates meaningful interactions among students, promoting a sense of belonging and facilitating the exchange of ideas. With Paradiso LMS, learners can actively participate in a supportive community, enhancing their learning experience.

Discover the Ideal LMS for Implementing Blended Learning

Blending traditional face-to-face learning with eLearning creates a powerful educational approach. As we embrace the digital age, more schools recognize the value of blended learning and invest in it. If you’re an educator seeking to establish an online school that complements classroom teaching, delivers engaging course materials, and offers high-quality online resources, investing in a dependable online learning management system (LMS) like Paradiso LMS is crucial. With Paradiso LMS, you gain access to comprehensive features and more, enabling you to create unique and memorable learning experiences. Explore the potential of Paradiso LMS today by signing up for a free 30-day trial!

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