White Label Online Course Platforms

7 Best White Label Online Course Platforms (2023)

Want to increase your company’s revenue without taking unnecessary risks? Here’s an interesting tip: keeping your brand consistent can boost your revenue by an average of 24%! But unfortunately, building a solid brand is difficult in today’s competitive business world. 

At Paradiso, we’re here to help you succeed. Our complete white-label features allow course creators to build successful online courses that showcase their brands. It’s like having your private online platform with all the great features.

You may think, what is a white-label online course platform? Don’t worry; we’ll explain it to you. In this blog, you’ll find all the information you need about white-label online course platforms and how they can help you succeed in the ever-changing world of online education.

What is a White Label Online Course?

You might be wondering what a white-label online course is or what a white-label online course platform means. It’s like having software you can customize and use to offer online courses under your brand. When you provide a private-label online course, another company handles the technical stuff like coding and creating a mobile app for you. But here’s the exciting part: white-label online course platforms are for more than just offering courses. 

In today’s world, many products have multiple uses; the same goes for white-label courses. But, with the right platform, you can do more than provide great courses. You can create a lively community of people with a common interest and wanting to master the same subject. It’s like planting the seeds for a thriving community that grows together with your online courses. So, it’s not just about learning; it’s also about building a supportive community around your courses.

Why Does Someone Need White Label Online Course Platform?

Branding gives your company a unique identity that stands out, like a name tag everyone wants to wear. It makes your business easily recognizable, just like a superhero’s costume. A strong brand helps you beat competitors, sell more courses, and charge higher prices. 

Use a white-label platform to create a powerful brand for your online courses. It offers exclusivity, consistency, and a customizable learning experience for your students. With a strong brand, you can command higher prices as Apple does with its products. In addition, having a branded corporate academy ensures happier, more satisfied students. 

Customers already trust your brand, making anything associated with it more reliable. Imagine having a trusted friend who supports you selflessly. Likewise, to enhance your marketing strategy and attract more students, embrace a white-label solution. It’s like empowering your brand with a superhero’s cape, amplifying its capabilities and impact. 

Following are the Reasons to Choose White-Label Online Course Platforms:

Utilize a consistent and satisfying experience every time you use it 

  • Discover a unique and interactive way of learning that allows you to connect with others
  • Attract more investors and buyers with great value and affordable prices
  • Increase employee happiness and job satisfaction
  • Build trust with your audience through reliable performance
  • Have a reliable tool for effective advertising and marketing

3 Benefits of White-Labeling your Online Course Platform

Using a white-label online course platform offers several advantages that you don’t want to miss out on: 

Increase Brand Recognition and Credibility

When you utilize your branding and logos, you create a consistent brand image throughout your website, course content, and marketing materials. It builds trust with potential customers and makes your business more easily recognizable.

Customizable Design and Features

With the Paradiso LMS White Label platform, you can personalize the design of your online school and course content to match your brand’s style. You can also add features like custom domain names, send custom emails from personalized addresses, and more.

Help in Generating Revenue

Boost your earnings by using a white-label online course platform for your courses. You can save on development costs rather than spending money on building your platform. It means you keep a larger share of your profits, allowing you to make more money and improve your financial gains.

But wait, there’s more! A white-label elearning platform satisfies your learners by providing them with a ready-to-use solution that helps them achieve their learning goals. Plus, consider all the time and resources you save by not building your solution from the ground up. Instead, you can focus on developing your core business!

Custom vs White Label Online Course Platform

White-label courses platform has several advantages over regular custom platforms. Firstly, unlike custom platforms, white-label courses platform provides templates that users can modify according to their preferences. It gives the owner or client more control over the design process without the hassle of building it from scratch. On the other hand, custom platforms are fully developed for the client without much room for later modifications. 

Furthermore, the developer’s work is done with custom platforms once your domain and web pages are developed. However, with the white-label courses platform, you have ongoing technical support throughout your usage. In addition, highly experienced professionals are available to assist you. With these in-house developers, you can easily manage regular updates for your online course business.

7 Best White Label Online Course Platforms to consider in 2023

  1. Paradiso LMS
  2. Kajabi
  3. Teachable
  4. Thinkific
  5. LearnWorlds
  6. Ruzuku
  7. Mighty Networks   

Paradiso LMS

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Paradiso LMS is an online course platform trusted by companies, training providers, and educational sectors worldwide. It offers a complete solution for managing online learning with mobile, social, and video features. This platform has many capabilities, including gamification to keep learners engaged, social learning for collaboration, blended learning, eCommerce tools, detailed reporting, and smooth integration with over 100 popular business applications. 

With Paradiso LMS, you can access valuable, high-quality content to enhance your employees’ skills. It’s like a treasure trove of courses in various fields that you can easily purchase. You can also create and sell your content effortlessly. In addition, the platform simplifies content management, making it effortless to handle all your eLearning materials.

Paradiso LMS empowers your eLearning business to thrive by providing flexibility and seamless integration options, helping you reach new heights in online education.

Paradiso LMS Features  

  • Multimedia Content Hosting
  • Multiple Course Types
  • Manage Payments & Invoices
  • Pre-installed payment gateways
  • Offer Course Bundles

Paradiso LMS Pros 

  • Create online Courses fast with AI-base eLearning Authoring Tool
  • Bespoke Storefronts to help you Sell Your Courses Online
  • Learner Analytics and Dashboard for Your Digital Business
  • Feature-Rich In-Built Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business
  • Create an engaging Mobile App with Your Brand



Like other white-label platforms, its standout feature is its powerful marketing capabilities. However, it needs to prioritize community building. You can design and organize your courses and use various instructional tools. It even offers a mobile app, though it has some limitations. With Kajabi, you can create and run impressive marketing campaigns, but keep its focus areas and mobile app capabilities in mind. 


  • Easily construct interconnected sales pathways
  • Harness the potential of robust email marketing and affiliate resources
  • Dive into the world of podcasting with ease
  • Enjoy the convenience of a mobile app for learning on the move


  • Offer exciting discounts and coupons for your products
  • Turn your courses into valuable digital products effortlessly


  • It’s not fully white-label to your brand
  • There are limited design choices available
  • The price doesn’t match the offered features



It is an easy-to-use platform that helps you create and sell your courses effortlessly. You can enhance your courses with extra resources like EBooks and their flexible formatting options. However, it needs a strong user community for interaction. On the positive side, Teachable has a mobile app, allowing you to access and engage with your courses on the go. Share your knowledge easily with Teachable and reach learners wherever you are.


  • Sell your courses and coaching services to eager learners.
  • Design customized sales pages to showcase your offerings.
  • Stay connected with your students using essential email communication.
  • Efficiently manage your affiliates and utilize helpful resources for affiliate management.


  • Forget the hassle of handling taxes on your own
  • Flexibility to choose between monthly or annual payment options


  • Transaction fees are applicable for specific plans.



With Thinkific, you can build branded white-label courses using their website builder. It’s a fantastic platform for creating engaging content. You can sell private label courses, release content gradually, or provide immediate access to everything. You can also enrich your courses with infographics, multimedia, quizzes, and more. It offers endless possibilities for delivering your content in a captivating and interactive way.


  • Create a website and attractive sales pages for your products
  • Access unlimited course content and communities with specific plans
  • Sell courses, communities, products, bundles, and memberships effortlessly
  • Allow students to leave valuable reviews for your courses


  • Creating courses and using the platform is effortless
  • Begin with a free plan to get started easily


  • The pricing plans are higher compared to other platforms offering similar features
  • Essential features are only included in the more expensive plans
  • Website customization options are limited and less flexible



It is a trusted White Label Online Courses Platform that offers many valuable features. You can have a custom domain and login page and use social media logins for your brand. With branded email notifications and the option for branded mobile apps, it provides a cohesive experience. LearnWorlds platform offer a variety of features and unique choices to cater to your specific needs.


  • Boost your sales effortlessly by managing affiliates with ease
  • Create your website without any technical complications
  • Edit videos and access transcripts conveniently using built-in tools
  • Develop a mobile app for your brand (additional fee may be required)


  • Experience the freedom of a fully branded website
  • Empower your course creation and promotion with powerful tools


  • You can enjoy white labelling starting from higher-priced plans
  • There is no free version available
  • It is a pricier option compared to other feature-rich platforms


It provides fully customizable white-label courses options, allowing you to remove their branding and add your own. In addition, you can personalize your website with your logos and colours and even choose a custom domain instead of a subdomain. These features empower you to create a more personalized and branded course experience, making it your own.


  • Easily keep track of your students and their progress
  • Provide open access to your courses for maximum reach
  • Conduct live lessons with audio and video interaction
  • Foster a sense of community with student profiles


  • There are limited options for customization
  • The capacity for teleconferences and webinars is restricted to a specific number of students


  • You can enjoy white labelling starting from higher-priced plans
  • There is no free version available
  • It is a pricier option compared to other feature-rich platforms

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks allows you to build your unique community where people can come together and collaborate on shared interests. It’s an excellent platform for connecting and working towards a common goal. As a creator, you can design your community, facilitate discussions and events, and even provide courses to enrich the experience.


  • Create an interactive community and membership site that keeps people engaged
  • Enjoy personalized feeds powered by advanced technology for a tailored experience
  • Invite unlimited members and moderators to join your thriving communities
  • Stay connected with the group and private chat messaging options for flawless communication.


  • Build thriving communities effortlessly with powerful tools
  • Enhance your community experience with a personalized mobile app


  • Applies transaction fees across all plans
  • No option to create affiliate programs for your products
  • Limited choices for website builders
  • Lacks sufficient integration options


When choosing a platform for your online courses, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and goals. Paradiso LMS White Label is worth exploring if you seek a reliable white-label solution. 

Selecting the right white-label online course creation platform can significantly impact establishing and maintaining a brand identity. Make sure to seek a good solution when you can have a top-notch platform that impresses your learners, boosts sales, and helps your business flourish. It provides everything you need to create and sell online courses using your brand name.

Invest in your brand and make a wise choice. Sign up for a free trial with Paradiso LMS today to learn more about our platform. Then, take your online course business to the next level!

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